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Pathways Speech Therapy offers a range of therapy services for individuals, families and groups or organisations. These include, but are not limited to:


  • assessment
  • therapy sessions (one-to-one or in groups)
  • reports
  • information sessions for parents
  • information and awareness sessions for employers and school staff
  • workshops


Consultations and meetings can be held at Pathways Speech Therapy's clinic location in central Wilmslow, or Kirsten can travel to a location of your choosing (outreach visit). Please see below for details of travel costs associated with outreach visits. In certain circumstances, Kirsten is also able to offer teletherapy, using videoconferencing software.


If you have questions or wish to make an enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.



A pdf document with Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.


Initial contact - FREE

A first 30-minute consultation, either by phone, email, skype or face-to-face is free. Choosing a therapist that feels right for you is important. This first contact gives you the opportunity to explain your concerns and find out what Pathways Speech Therapy can offer.


There is no obligation to proceed with further services after the first contact. You can book a more detailed assessment, jump straight into therapy, or you may decide that speech therapy or Pathways Speech Therapy isn't right for you. It's completely up to you!

Standard consultation - £80

A standard consultation costs £80 per hour.

Standard consultations generally last an hour, unless a different agreement is reached in advance, when payment is adjusted on a prorata basis.

A standard consultation may include direct therapy work, assessment, counselling, evaluation, discussion of progress and explanation of follow-up activities (for example, with parents or teachers where appropriate).

No fee will be charged for the therapist’s time spent preparing for the session or for writing up of notes as a record of the session in the client’s electronic record.

Group therapy sessions can be offered when appropriate, and are charged at a reduced rate.

Detailed  assessment - £120

A detailed assessment or in-depth discussion is likely to take 90 minutes - 2 hours. 

If further assessment is required after 2 hours, this will be charged prorata at the standard consultation rate (£80 per hour).

Travel costs

There is no charge for the first 10 miles (round trip) of travel on outreach visits (home visits, school visits, employer visits, etc.).

Mileage* is charged at 50p per mile for any remaining miles.

Mileage* is calculated using Google Maps, with the start point either the therapist's current location or her home address in Wilmslow - whichever calculation results in the lowest mileage. 

Reports and written therapy programmes

Formal written reports are completed at the request of the client. In some cases, written therapy programmes or recommendations may be required (e.g. for use by a teaching assistant in school). Costs vary depending on the complexity of the report. Basic letters to GPs, etc are included in the cost of therapy, whereas a comprehensive report outlining detailed assessment findings, recommendations or therapy programmes is charged at £100.

Information sessions for parents of children who stutter

General information sessions are offered intermittently for the parents of children who stutter. You do not need to be receiving any other services from Pathways Speech Therapy to be eligible to attend these sessions.


Sessions may be free or there may be a small charge  (up to £5) per attendee where necessary, to assist with costs such as venue hire and the provision of refreshments.


If you are interested in an information session being held in your vicinity, please contact us and we will see what we can do!

Information sessions for organisation and school staff - £100

Where education and awareness-raising for school staff regarding speech dysfluency and classroom strategies is part of an individual child's therapy, this will be charged at the standard consultation rate of £80 per hour.


Where speech dysfluency education and awareness-raising for staff is at a more general level and not linked to a specific client, sessions are charged at £100 per hour and will be tailored to the requirements of the organisation or school.

Other dysfluency-related services

For other dysfluency-related services such as workshops, clinical education, etc., please contact us to request a quotation.

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